Information and updates about legislation and laws pertaining to
horse rescues, particularly in the State of New Mexico.

Create New Mexico Equine Protection Fund
House Bill 781 – Sponsor Rep. Andy Nuñez

The Problem: Given the current challenging economic times, the number of people unable to adequately care for their equines has increased significantly.

The Solution: Minimize the suffering of horses by seeking solutions to their most immediate needs. Create a New Mexico Equine Protection Fund that will provide financial support to sanctuaries for abandoned or relinquished horses, and that will subsidize humane horse euthanasia and disposal.

UPDATE FROM APNM:  HB 781, the Equine Protection Fund, sponsored by Representative Andy Nuñez (D-Hatch), received a “Do Not Pass” vote in the House Agriculture Committee. However, since there are urgent needs for horses throughout New Mexico, those in support of this important legislation (that would have provided assistance to our state’s horses) have not abandoned the initiative. Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) is already leading the process to establishing a private fund to address the most immediate needs of New Mexico’s horses. We will provide updates on our efforts in the coming months.

HB434 - Of interest, a bill relating to domestic abuse: 
"In the current legislative session, New Mexico Attorney General Gary King is pushing for amendments to the Family Violence Act through House Bill 434. Sponsored by Rep. Rhonda King, HB434 will ensure that animals can be included in temporary Domestic Protection Orders. Passing this legislation will help victims of domestic violence who leave, or are escorted from, their homes to seek safe shelter, by mandating that law enforcement or animal control officers remove companion animals from the home at the same time for their protection. The animals will be moved to a safe shelter and cared for until the victim is able to reclaim the animals, or determine where they should be placed." 

UPDATE FROM APNM: HB 434, Family Violence Protection Act Revisions, sponsored by Representative Rhonda King (D-Stanley), would have amended the Family Violence Act to allow animals to be included in a Temporary Domestic Protection Order. This would have helped keep animals from being used as leverage against the primary victims of domestic violence. This bill ran out of time and was not heard on the Senate floor on the last day of the session. Representative King and Attorney General Gary King were tremendous champions for this bill.

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