My first sight of Slick was quite a shock,
he was all ribs and bones, looked like someone forgot.

The only thing striking in this boney mess
was his bright shining eye that stood out from the rest.

Dan said "I only took him because I felt sorry for this fellow,
with some special care and feed he'll be a bright shiny yellow.

Two weeks went by and I thought of this horse.
the next time I saw him needless to say he was mine of course.

The years have flown by and of all the rest
Slick has proven to be the best trail horse yet.

"We're riding tomorrow and be sure to bring Slick.
I'm bringing a young one and Slick'll do the trick.

He's always been steady and never refused a thing.
all his trail buddies love him and think he's a king.

"Bring Slick up from the rear, there's an obsticle ahead,
he'll lead these horses through the things that they dread."

Time is his enemy as with us all.
his energy is less as mine is I recall.

Our rides are less often and not quite as fast.
he's still my best trail horse as long as he lasts.

He has a new job now and it's a sight to see.
his friend Seleeta has gone blind and a seeing eye horse he's to be.

I know how blessed I am to have Slick in my life.
he's helped me get throught lots of darkness and strife.

So God up in heaven bless this old horse tonight,
and see he gets through till the morning light.

By Pat Davis

Thank you to Pat for sharing her thoughts on her wonderful horse, Slick