Some of the ESS Equines (visit ESS to meet them all!)

Bindy is an adorable, sweet, loveable little mini-donkey that was donated to ESS in 2005. After spending most of the first 6 years of his life as a companion to his equine friends, little Bindy embarked on a new career with the equine assisted activities for the disabled and as an ambassador for the Equine Spirit Sanctuary. He has made many friends, both children and adults, at ESS. His manners are excellent, especially with little people. He's proving to be very patient and friendly, and is very polite. He's not quite as serious as he used to be, and occasionally cuts loose and runs and bucks and jumps just for the fun of it.

Grace and Joy
Grace came to live at ESS in October 2011. Eight days after she arrived, rescued from the Los Lunas sale barn, she gave birth to a delightful furry black jenny that we named Joy, who truly was a little bundle of joy.

We're enjoying watching Joy grow up and Grace is becoming a confident, happy donkey.

Sally is a young miniature horse. She is simply adorable and will be an asset to our equine-assisted therapy programs.

She's in training now, learning to carry small riders and to pull a cart.

Hope came to ESS when she was barely a week old, in March 2013. She was an orphan, and had been attacked by dogs, suffering horrendous wounds to her hind legs and all over, even her face. This tough little filly has thrived at ESS. Her wounds have healed amazingly well and she is a happy, beautiful little filly. She loves attention and enjoys walking around the property and visiting all her horse buddies at ESS.

UPDATE - 2015 - Hope's story continues:

Vilmar (on the right) is a Norwegian Fjord gelding that was donated to ESS for the equine-assisted therapy programs in 2013. He is a sweet, adorable, patient and strong little horse.

The Fjord horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. The Fjord horse is strong enough for heavy work, such as plowing fields or pulling timber, yet light and agile enough to be a good riding and driving horse. They are also surefooted in the mountains. Today, the Fjord horse is a favorite for therapuetic riding, with their typical mild temperament and small size that makes them suitable for children and disabled adults.
Ruth raised Dustee and he had a career as a lower level dressage horse and in competitive trail.

Dustee is ESS's number one lesson horse for kids and a solid, steady therapeutic riding horse for persons of all ages.
Gypsy is a beautiful buckskin mare that came to ESS in 2010. She is in her mid-teens, is sound and healthy and very gentle. She is coming along nicely now as a riding horse.

Hava, our delightful little pony, was donated to ESS in 2010. She has a fantastic dispostion and loves getting all the attention she can from kids. She enjoys giving pony rides and works hard as a therapuetic riding pony also.
Soxy is a beautiful little bay mare that came to ESS in May of 2006. She was pregnant, at 1 1/2 years of age, and 11 months later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who was named Baylee. Soxy is in training now for riding and is available for adoption.

Baylee, Soxy's colt, has grown up to be a fine, handsome horse. Baylee has never known a day of hunger, neglect, or need of any kind. You might say he's spoiled rotten! Every horse should be so lucky. Baylee loves attention and wants to be in on everything that's going on here at ESS. Every year we celebrate Baylee's birthday (April 10) with birthday cake and ice cream and special birthday horse treats for Baylee and his equine friends and family.
Comet, formerly known as Comanche, was donated to ESS in 2006. She has been adopted out twice and come back to ESS twice. This lovely mare has a few "quirks" that require an experienced, understanding handler. She is now working well under saddle and is coming along nicely.

She also is a regular team member for our equine-assisted therapy program and also enjoys being part of the Arc program (leading exercises and grooming).

Klassy Kat
Kat is a purebred Arabian mare that was donated to ESS in October of 2007. She enjoys greeting visitors and enjoys being brushed and loves all the attention she gets as an ESS program horse.

Kat loves to be groomed, and is very gentle with children and the disabled persons who brush her and take her for walks. She is such a pretty horse (and she knows it!), she really enjoys posing for photographers and artists.

Kat has become a valued member of our team of therapeutic riding horses and is one of the favorite horses in the equine-assisted therapy and activities programs. She has grown from being a very insecure, nervous mare to a solid, dependable lesson horse. Her beauty and spirit is an inspiration to all!

If you would like to help out with sponsorships for any of the ESS equines, please contact A full month's sponsorship for each horse is $150. For the donkeys and pony, it's just $75. The equines will be most grateful for your generous contributions!

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