An Animal's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please watch over our humans. They are so weak. They have no claws or teeth, they can't run fast or fly away neither can they burrow nor build a nest in which to be safe. They do strange things that aren't altogether intelligent, have no real ability to communicate with us although we are able to figure out what they want.

Lord grant us the ability to watch over our humans, care for them, cheer them when they are down, make them laugh, smile, and shower them with our love. We pray that we can bring a little joy into their otherwise mundane existence.

Lord, please let them know that when we insist on getting attention, it is so we can check their emotional well being and boost their morale. When we pester them for different foods, toys, etc, it is so they will learn to see us in ways they hadn't considered, bringing them closer and back into the fold of which they are part, but keep forgetting about. They expect us to know what they want even though sometimes they don't know what we want. Some of them really try and we know they love us, but some of them are so dumb, but our love for them remains intensely unfaltering.

Lord, when we die, please make sure to send us ahead to where our humans are going to be so we can pave the way for them, vouch for them and be there for them when they too die. Please allow us to continue proving that humans are worth the effort.

You placed these humans in dominion over us, but you charged us with the task of caring for them and showing them your love every day through us. God Bless these mere mortal humans, they know not that we are their guardian angels sent in love, to task them, so that they may grow to be part of your plan.

-Author Unknown