Christmas 2011

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts that you left for me and my horse family last Christmas. This has been a very wonderful year for me - it seems almost like it was Christmas all year long. So I’m not really asking for anything for myself. But I am worried about other equines that are not so fortunate.

In addition to the bad economy that had made it hard for people to take care of their horses, the cost of hay (our primary diet) has gone way up - nearly double from last year - due to the drought that hit our area. It’s been extremely difficult to find good hay for us. Many people just cannot cope. They feel bad that they cannot provide for their horses. It makes me so sad. Here at ESS, we work hard to try to help out others as much as we can.

This past year we took in a couple more rescues, including a beautiful, wonderful, big, gray (did I mention that she is very beautiful?) jenny donkey. We named her Grace. Eight days after Grace arrived at ESS, she gave birth to a cute, coal black baby jenny. We named her Joy, because she is a precious little bundle of Joy.

Santa, could you please help the needy equines this Christmas? Surely there are some good people out there that could feed just one more horse this year, or donate to a horse rescue or sanctuary, or be a volunteer. Santa, if you could inspire more people with the giving spirit of the season, it could really help some horses (and donkeys, too).

At ESS, we are very thankful for the kindness of strangers, for the support from friends, and for our wonderful volunteers. We are happy to share what we have, whenever we can. This year I am proud to say that I helped with the new therapeutic riding program. The little children learned how to brush me and I supervised many of their lessons.

I’m still a little bit bashful and very modest, but I have to say I got a lot of attention. I was honored this year with the 2011 Milagro Animal Award from Animal Protection of New Mexico. I was given a fancy silver medallion with my name engraved on the back, and a nice artist painted my portrait. I was even on TV! Ruth was so proud of me.

We know that equines have so much to offer. We each have something special to give. Our rewards are great here at ESS – we are loved and appreciated, we have good food and shelter, and all of our needs are met. We are lucky.

As 2011 comes to an end, our wish is that all horses everywhere will have plenty of good hay and people who care about them and love them. I know, without a doubt, there really is a Santa Claus and I believe the magic of the season!

Love, Bindy,
Mateo, Hava, Serena, Gypsy, Comet, Dustee, Mandy,
Chico, Mariah,
Klassy Kat, William, Casey, Soxy Lady, Baylee, Jazz, Tecali, Grace and Joy

Me wearing my fancy silver medallion (it didn't fit around my neck!), posing beside the awesome painting by Barbara Meikle. It's titled "He's My Hero" and that is little Tali standing behind me in the painting. Me - a hero? How cool is that? But really, I'm just me - an adorable little donkey that is proud to call ESS my home.